1. To participate you have to be 18 years or older
  2. You must fill in the registration form in order to participate with Battle of the Mountain
  3. You have to pay your entry fee
  4. Riders take full responsibility for taking on the Battle of the mountain challenge! The excuse "you told me to" won’t stick. 
  5. You have to wear the supplied jersey on the 21st of june (which will make you look drop-dead sexy as well)
  6. Work very hard to reach you financial challenge. i.e. raise the requested 300,- euro
  7. Like and share our Facebook page
  8. Follow us on twitter
  9. Motivate other atlethes to participate as well
  10. Train hard to reach your goals
  11. Preferably, get an STRAVA account to prove it
  12. Obey the traffic-rules which are applicable in the country that you are participating in
  13. We strongly advice you to wear an helmet. By not doing so, you do so at your own risk
  14. We advice you to have an health-check prior to the event. Climbing an enormous amount of elevation meters within 24 hours demands a lot from your body. We don’t want you to take extreme risks. Nobody wants to see you suffering more then necessary..... 
  15. Please discuss your participating with your family, friends etc. Get their support and listen to their wise advice (mummy is always right...).
  16. Remember the goal of this event: To help raising funds and awareness to beat ALS/MND
  17. Act like a responsible cyclist and respect the environment
  18. You too are a powerful ambassador in this worldwide campaign
  19. If you are a man: shave your legs
  20. If you are a woman: shave your legs
  21. Support is not only allowed, it is recommended. Pick non-annoying riding buddies to cut laps with you at times, it keeps you sane, and keeps you safe.
  22. You can choose your own Battle or look if there is an bigger event organized in your country. If not and you or your friends would like to have one, please contact us to see if you can start an event with our help. we love to help you with that
  23. Be safe. It only counts if you get off the mountain...