What is the Battle of the Mountain?

It is a charity cycling challenge that aims to raise as much money as possible for the MinE project. The MinE project is a major global scientific study that was set up to co-ordinate cross-border DNA studies to find out more about the cause(s) of ALS and help to find a cure for this terrible disease.

Sporting challenge

With the Battle of the Mountain we are challenging people to take on a sporting challenge and cycle the height of Everest within 24 hours: 8,848 metres or a specific percentage thereof. Climb the mountain!

You can do it alone or in a team, and you can choose where you want to do it - even if you only have a bridge or a hill that you´ll have to climb many times. A number of events will be organised at famous climbs to promote the fundraiser: the Dutch event will be on the Camerig in Limburg.

Strava will be used to measure and record the number of metres you climb, which will allow you to share the sporting challenge with other participants from all over the world.

Make it yours! Make it ours!

Climbing the mountain and going beyond limits

The Battle of the Mountain crosses borders and boundaries in many ways: not only are we crossing geographical borders, but we are also challenging people to push themselves to go beyond their own personal limits. Challenge yourself to reach a ridiculous height within 24 hours and compare that with the challenge that each ALS patient faces every day.

Challenge yourself to cycle more kilometres than you have ever ridden before so that we can raise as much as possible to help the MinE project to become a reality. Let us cross borders and join together to make the largest DNA study ever carried out a huge success. Battle of the Mountain will ensure that not a penny is wasted: 100% of all donations will go directly to funding the MinE project.

It is the highest mountain in the world and climbing it really tests one's limits, just as ALS patients face challenges on a daily basis. Doing the impossible to make the impossible possible. You will be doing it not for yourself, but for others.

ALS is a global disease which needs a global study, and that is why we need to work on a global scale to raise funds. That calls for a world-wide sporting challenge. Mount Everest is known all over the world and will allow people to relate personally with the challenge.


The challenge is not just a sporting challenge but is also a fundraising challenge: each participant will aim to raise a minimum of 300 euros for the MinE project. 300 euros will make it possible to study four chromosomes as part of the largest, most international DNA study ever carried out.

Of course, the more you raise, the better because the aim of the MinE project is to compare 22,500 DNA profiles, which will be a costly undertaking. Donations will be paid directly into the bank account of the MinE project. Volunteers working on the Battle of the Mountain will receive no payment of any kind.


Be sure to add any unavoidable extra costs (such as transfer fees) to your €50 registration fee. Once your registration has been processed, you will receive a participant's pack with a cycling jersey that you'll be able to wear on the day of the Battle of the Mountain challenge.

We'd love to see a photo of you wearing it - particularly at the top of the hill or mountain you've climbed many times to reach the 8848 metres. Post your photos on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to spread the word about the fight against ALS.